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A small business website has become one of the primary ways customers find a local business. Many people go to a business's website looking for a service, to find a phone number, the business hours, directions or to have a question answered.

The impression the website makes brands your business in the customer's mind. A visit also allows you to introduce your customers to services you offer that they may not know about.

Key points in a website are:

  • How it looks.
  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • Can people find the information they are looking for?
  • Does the website get new customer's to pick up the phone or walk in the door?

Easy all-inclusive website packages

We have two website solutions for small businesses. One is a customized site created by a designer specifically for your business. The second option is a template site. A custom website is more expensive but may better reflect your business and give a better impression and therefore bring in more clients. Whether you choose a template or a custom designed site our website are all inclusive.

All-inclusive Packages:

  • Website Design and development
  • Responsive design: Your website looks good on an iPhone or a desktop computer.
  • Google friendly sites
  • Website hosting
  • Free updates
  • Content writing

Photographs and photographers

Website Tracking: automatically get monthly updates on your website traffic.

Having over ten years' experience we have learned a process for developing websites which results in the business having a live website in 4-8 weeks. Many small businesses end up working with a web developer on their website for months and in some cases over a year. Much of this time is the website company waiting for the customer to give them information like photographs or content. This never happens to our clients because we do all the work, and you simply have to approve the work that we have done. This is one of the values of hiring a company that has experience and a team.

Having a website that can be found by new and existing clients is central to having a successful website. By hiring a company that focuses on websites and also on search engine optimization (being found by Google) you insure that your website is built with the latest innovations in website design.

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