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Get Clients From Your Website

A properly built website will get you more business four ways.

  • People that do not know you will find your business by searching for the service you offer on Google.
  • Former clients or people who know your business name see you in a Google search and click on your name. These people were not searching for you, but if you come up in a search will likely hire you.
  • Existing clients that are looking for you will search for you by business name in Google.
  • The final group of people is existing customers that do not search in Google but instead type your website address directly into the search bar. Once on the website they may see a service they did not know you offer and you are able to expand the services you sell to them.

The web provides the least expensive way for a business to get new clients. This is because so many businesses websites are poorly built and are not competitive in Google Search and the number of people looking for services on the internet continues to grow. It is the golden age for businesses that want to grow and get clients on line. Furthermore, once a business has a properly built website that is regularly maintained and becomes dominant is Google Search for the categories it wants to be found in; it is difficult to overcome the business.

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