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google Pro Internet Marketing calls Local Search a search result in which a map is included that shows the location of businesses. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo often show a map on the top of the first page when the search term includes a place and type of business.

We specialize in getting our clients to the top of the map results. Local SEO targets a specific region that you want to draw clients from and specific phrases you want your business to come up under. We tailor our program for the client, but having a properly built website is increasing important in getting top results in the Map section of the search page.

Google and the other search engines are constantly changing the formula for which businesses will appear in the list. For consistent results Google Places must be monitored, tweaked and updated regularly. We provide you monthly reports on local search traffic to your website.

Google Local is an important part of any search program.

If you would like to know more about Local Search call us, 401-626-0818 and ask for Tom.

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