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Videos are a compelling part of website and if done correctly increase the number of people who contact your business after viewing your website. Essential to having an effective video is that it is high quality and professionally done. The professionalism of a video is reflected in the lighting, sound, editing.

Video also has the ability to show case your talents in a way that words and photos are not able to. The goal of a video for a local, small business is to answer questions that a visitor will have that the content cannot answer. The content on the site can answer questions like, “Is this person an experience lawyer?” Or, “Does this dentist do implant?” Video is much better at answering the intangible questions like: “Do I trust this person?” “Will I be able to talk candidly with the business owner?” “Is the business owner approachable?”

Because video is often answering questions which are emotional and not factual having a high quality video is essential.

Pro Internet Marketing Video insures high quality by working with experienced professionals with years of experience. Every shoot has a video team that consists of three people: a producer, a videographer and a lighting/sound person.

If you are interest in having a video on your site please contact us at 401-626-0818.

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