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Lawyers that have robust website and strong search engine optimization (SEO) are getting many clients from their websites. One of the secrets of the downturn of 2008-2009 is that some lawyers were doing better than they ever had because of their strong web presence. Today, clients that come in from websites make up a good percentage of some lawyers practice.

What is important in a lawyer's website is accurately reflecting the business in the site so that the website engenders trust and authenticity. Properly written content and an attractive design are central to a website that generates a lot of new business.

Because the web is very good at generating clients it is competitive. A website program needs to be competitive with what other law firms are doing on the web. You should hire an Internet Marketing Company that has experience with law firms, and ideally should have experience with the specific practice area that your firm focuses on. Many areas of the law generate clients, some areas don't. Working with someone who has experience with this can guide you toward the more profitable areas in your practice to focus on. Here at Pro Internet Marketing we have worked with over a hundred law firms on their marketing. If you are located in Rhode Island you should also have a company that has worked in this state. Because of its small size doing SEO in Rhode Island is different than SEO in Massachusetts, Connecticut or larger states in the west. One of our clients whose practice focuses on divorce mediation is RI Divorce Mediation Solutions.

What we offer:

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We have many law clients you can talk to about their experience with Pro Internet Marketing. Call to discuss your needs and to ask us any questions you may have.

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